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Friday, 21 June 2024
Modern Pythian Games will Unifying Nations through Art & Culture

Modern Pythian Games will Unifying Nations through Art & Culture


Md. Shamsul Islam

The term ‘Pythian Games’ is very new and uncommon to the people of modern world.

It has a great historical background and you will be amassed to learn that the ancient Olympic and Modern Olympic derived from this ancient Pythian Games.

The Pythian Games and the Olympic Games were two of the four Pan-Hellenic Games held in ancient Greece. In 394 A.D, the ruling emperor at the time discontinued these games. The Ancient Pythian Games were for arts and culture, while the Olympic Games were for sports.

The modern Olympic Games began in 1894, and they were based on the ancient Olympic Games. From 1912 to 1948, different events from the Pythian Games, such as dance, music, painting, athletic sports, etc., were included in the Olympic Games.

Through a resolution made by the International Olympic Committee, these events were all dropped from the Olympic Games in 1954 on technical grounds. The history records that between 1927 and 1930, some events were held in Delphi, Greece under the term "Delphic Festivals."

H.E Bijender Goel Founder, Modern Pythian Games & Secretary General, International Pythian Council says, “after the Pythian Games were discontinued in 394 A.D., no one revived them with this name, and we are in the process of reviving these games in the name of Modern Pythian Games. A presentation of the concept has already been made before the world at the Delphi Economic Forum at Delphi, Greece on April 7th, 2022. We have gained access to more than 100 nations so far and are in existence worldwide.

Modern Pythian Games are based on the ancient Greek Pythian Games. The Games will take place every four years, and any national council should be allowed to bid to host them.

The games, festivals, and other activities will take place in each of the eight main creative fields, which are: music, performing arts, visual arts, social and traditional arts, language and literary arts, architecture and ecology, robotics and digital arts, martial arts, traditional games, e-sports, and air sports. It will help bring back art forms that are on the way out, such as those in the arts, entertainment, adventure, and traditional and technology-based games.

Of late Dr. Selina Aktar Sampa nominated as an Honorary National President of Modern Pythian Games-Bangladesh by the founder of Modern Pythian Games & Secretary General, International Pythian Council H.E Bijender Goel from India.
This is absolutely a social movement for unifying Nations through Art and Culture. Today we are living in a unrested society where kids and youth are mostly engage with digital devices, i.e. mobile, computer, notebooks, etc. thus they are growing as an idle generation both mentally and physically.

In this regards the Modern Pythian Games and the proposed events will activate and motivate our future generation to become a healthy citizen of this world both physically and mentally.

Through this movement and events we can bring back our old traditional games and folk music, painting as a whole culture to introduce with the present generation through exchange and global competitions. By the way, we have to have some open spaces both in urban and rural area for the growing children and youth where they can play and exercise freely.

The local authority and policy makers should be focused and well concentrate on this particular issue.

So I am requesting all of you to come forward and think positively to join this social movement in Bangladesh. It will help our society to grow as a drug, terrorism and eve teasing free environment.

The writer is a Sports Commentator, Radio and Television of Bangladesh
and Principal Librarian, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission

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