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Friday, 12 April 2024
Measures to be taken to rehabilitate flood victims in Kulaura : Sultan Monsur

Measures to be taken to rehabilitate flood victims in Kulaura : Sultan Monsur

Moulvibazar Correspondent

Former VP of Dakshu Sultan Mohammad Monsur Ahmed, Member of Parliament for Moulvibazar-2 Kulaura constituency, said measures would be taken to rehabilitate the victims as the flood situation in Kulaura improved. Referring to the floods as the worst floods in the history of the country, he said, Many houses, educational and religious institutions, fish farms and roads have been severely damaged in the prolonged flood water in Jayachandi Union. These floods are causing chronic waterlogging. People are suffering. As soon as the water recedes, the exact amount of damage will be assessed and rehabilitation measures will be taken. He is the helpless Banvasi.

He thanked and congratulated the government as well as the leaders of various individuals, institutions, expatriates and social organizations for coming forward with help and requested everyone to continue all-round cooperation with the helpless Banvasis including relief and rehabilitation. He is Kulaura upazila permanently.

He also sought the full cooperation of all concerned, emphasizing the importance of the flood relief plan and assuring him of his position. He called upon all to come forward emphasizing the importance of concerted efforts and overall cooperation of all to overcome this catastrophe.

Sultan Monsur MP Recently flood affected areas East Chhakapan of Kadipur Union, West Chhakapan, Rafinagar, Gopinatpur, Faridpur, Chilarkandi of Bhukshimail Union, Kanehat, Baradal, Kadera, Kaleshar, Bade Bhukshimail, Bhukshimail School and College Shelter, Sonapur of Municipality and Dhikiarpura of Kulau Union were affected by flood. Go from house to house to find out Received and distributed relief. Besides, Vukshimil Union Parishad chairman and UP members inquired about the area and visited various areas of Vukshimil Union and went to the shelter of Bukshimil School and College and distributed relief to the flood affected people. After the on-site inspection He told reporters at a press conference at his own (MP) office in Kulaura town.

Sultan Monsur said opposition has now become a tradition. In addition to criticizing bad deeds, good deeds are also being criticized. It is an act beyond political etiquette. In all cases
Expect decency, politeness and elegant behavior. In this way, an ideal society and state with ideological politics is established. He said the situation needs to be improved by tackling the adversity created by the war in Russia and Ukraine. Holding the hand of Sheikh Hasina, the worthy successor of the father of the nation The country is moving forward. This trend must continue with the cooperation of all. Sultan Monsur urged the journalists to cover the floods, waterlogging and the people of Kulaura with accurate pictures of the problems and possibilities of the upazila.

The affected people of Kulaura will benefit a lot through your proper writing. Initially, it was learned that more than four hundred houses were completely damaged in the floods in Kulaura. Media persons working in Kulaura were present at the press conference.

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