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Sunday, 26 March 2023
LGED using low -quality materials on Devidwar road, villagers anger

LGED using low -quality materials on Devidwar road, villagers anger

Zakir Azad, Cumilla

There have been complaints of using low- quality materials including bricks in the construction of 549 meters of road at a cost of Tk 24. 13 lakh by the Local Government Engineering Department ( LGED).

A contractor named Millennium Development is working on paving the Wahedpur road from Shivnagar Primary School in Subil Union of Cumilla’s Debidwar Upazila. The local LGED office and residents have stopped the road work. However, the local residents said that the contractor is forcibly working with low-quality bricks and bricks.

Going to the ground on Friday morning , it was seen that in the construction of the road from Shivnagar Primary School to Wahedpur, although one inch of brick was mentioned, three to four inch big pieces of low quality brick were used.

These large brick pits have already been macadamized. Also low quality cement poles have been used for roadside ponds. A few local residents grab a pole and the fine sand is falling off.

It is known that 24 lakh 13 thousand 631 taka has been allocated from the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) for the construction of the road with a pitch of 549 meters. The owner of the contracting company Millennium Development. Bahar Hossain and three other contractors started the construction of this road last February. Due to poor quality of bricks and waste, the local residents made a written complaint to the upazila engineer.

Later, the upazila engineer. Shah Alam and local residents stopped the work. Later, on the 1st of this month, when those contractors started working again with low-quality materials, the locals again stopped them. The local people and the concerned engineer of LGED office stopped the contractor and continued to work regardless.

Former chairman of SubilUnion, freedom fighter Haji MA Rashid said, earlier he was starting work with low-quality materials. Later we blocked the work. Now I hear it's working again. I am trying to contact upazila engineer.

Local resident Md. Nasir Hossain said that the work of laying low-quality bricks and bricks is over. Locals have stopped work once before. They have started working again.

Accused contractor Bahar Hossain said, it is useless to say them brother. I am doing the same as everyone else. No one stopped me. What's the use of interrupting, I have already finished the work. Deputy Assistant Engineer in charge of the work. Sahidul Islam said, I myself went and saw the road, the condition is very bad. I asked to stop the work, the contractor does not listen.

Devidwar Upazila Engineer. Shah Alam said, I have sent people there, they are not listening, they are working forcefully, wait till Sunday, a written complaint will be filed against him in Cumilla Executive Engineer office. He is forced to work to see how great his power.

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