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Wednesday, 29 November 2023
LGED Chief Engineer Mohsin involved in age fraud, corruption to extend his service

LGED Chief Engineer Mohsin involved in age fraud, corruption to extend his service

Staff Correspondent

Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin joined the then Local Government Engineering Bureau (LGEB) as Assistant Engineer in 1988. At that time he mentioned his date of birth as September 30, 1963 as per the education certificate.

Accordingly, his service age was to expire on 30 September 2022 but surprisingly he is still in his regular as he has already changed his date of birth.

Currently he is Chief Engineer of Local Government Engineering Department (LGED). His year of birth is 1963 in the documents of the Ministry of Local Government prior to 2008. But in the documents produced after that, the official's year of birth is mentioned as 1964.

LGED sources said, Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin resorted to fraud to extend the service period. Taking this issue into consideration, the Ministry of Local Government has asked for various types of documents including certified copies of his education certificates.

In a letter signed by the Deputy Secretary of Local Government Division of LGRD and Cooerative Ministry Abdur Rahman, LGED Chief Engineer Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin has been asked to submit these information.

The letter has asked to send the certified copy of SSC certificate, certified copy of LPC of first joining LGED, copy of first seniority list after joining LGED and copy of draft seniority list of LGED engineers of 2001, of Chief Engineer of Local Government Engineering Department, Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin, 'to resolve the date of birth complications'.

In the investigation of this allegation of age fraud, it is seen that Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin mentioned different dates of birth in different places. Even if SSC pass certificate is submitted for various jobs, it does not contain examination roll and registration number.

It is learnt that Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin passed the PSC examination in 1988 and joined the then LGEB as an assistant engineer. His date of birth was mentioned on September 30, 1963 in the documents of that time. He assumed current duties as Chief Engineer at LGED on 30 December 2021. He got permanent responsibility in this position on February 16, 2022.

During the search, LGED seniority list from 1995 to 2008 came into Kalbela's hands. By reviewing them, it can be seen that Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin was number 272 in the seniority list made in January 1995. His date of birth is written there as 30th September 1963. At that time, he was working in the office of the executive engineer of LGED, Narayanganj. Same in 1998 seniority list Date of birth is available. His name was number 253 in that list. His position was 212 in the 2001 list. And in the list of 2004, he came to number 179. Date of birth was unchanged in both these lists.

In 2008, Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin's date of birth suddenly changed. His name was number 140 in the seniority list made that year. It shows the date of birth as 30 September 1964.

This Correspondent collected the passport information of Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin to confirm his date of birth. Sources from the Directorate of Immigration and Passports said that two passports of Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin exist on their website. The first passport was created in 2010.

After its expiry, he took a new passport in 2018, which is due to expire in 2023. But recently he has taken e-passport. These passports mention his date of birth as September 30, 1964.

Sources say that Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin used the passport even before 2008. He also traveled to different countries. His former and current colleagues have confirmed this. His resume used for various official functions also mentions these trips.

According to the investigation, Sekh Mohsin registered his birth from the Maghadiya Union Parishad of Chittagong on November 6 last year mentioning the year of birth 1964. He has submitted SSC certificate for passport generation and birth registration. A copy of that certificate also came to Kalbela. However, the roll number or registration number is not written in the photocopies of certificates submitted to various offices. One such photocopy was verified in 2019 by an engineer from LGED.

Sources say that since 2008, birth year 1964 has been mentioned in various documents. As such, he is still on the job. However, in the documents found before 2008, the year of birth of this engineer is mentioned in 1963. When asked about the allegation of extending the employment period by age fraud, Chief Engineer of LGED Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin told Kalbela, "It is just an attempt to defame him." The Ministry may request such information from anyone. Just asking for information does not make it a fraud.

In response to the question, how come the date of birth has changed to 1964 since 2008 in the seniority lists listed by LGED at various times, he said, 'There may be a printing mistake. It is normal, they were printing mistakes.

In this regard Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin told the media that the government did not appoint me without verification of my certificates. Different intelligence agencies have been appointed to investigate. Now the question of my different date of birth has been raised to defame me.

Besides, there are allegations that the LGED Chief Engineer Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin involved in corruption since he was PD in different projects. After being Chief Engineer, he transferred good number of executive engineers and other staff instead of bribe. He also made juniors to project directors supersiding seniors reasons best known to him. Though he wants to show up him as a clean man in the LGED but insiders said it is an ' acting '.

Besides, it is alleged that an Executive Engineer has bribed him a huge amount of money to become PD of a lucrative project.

The Country Today on Friday sought commments on various allegations through his personal sraff and Asssistant Chief Engineer Kamruzzaman as he was not available.

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