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Monday, 15 July 2024
Kohinoor Begum receives best 'Joita' award in Cumilla district

Kohinoor Begum receives best 'Joita' award in Cumilla district

Zakir Azad, Cumilla

On the occasion of Begum Rokeya Day, Rotarian Kohinoor Begum was selected as the best winner from Cumilla district in the category of "women who have made outstanding contribution to the development of society". Deputy Commissioner Khandkar Mushfiqur Rahman was the chief guest at the function organized in the conference room of the Deputy Commissioner at noon on Saturday.

Joytara, the embodiment of women's development and empowerment, was honored with the 'Jayita' award. Only by holding on to their indomitable will and overcoming extreme adversity, Jayitas have made a place for themselves in the society from the grassroots. In continuation of that, public-friendly woman leader Cumilla South District Women's Awami League General Secretary and Central Women's Awami League Committee member Kohinur Begum received the 'Joita' award.

The award was given to this woman Jayita at a function organized by the Directorate of Women Affairs of Cumilla district on the occasion of International Women's Violence Prevention and Begum Rokeya Day celebration. Organized by the Deputy Commissioner, with the support of women and children's organizations, the Honorable Deputy Commissioner Khandkar Mushfiqur Rahman, who was present as the chief guest, presented the award to Jayita.

Kohinoor Begum taught at Cumilla Modern High School from 1992 to 2011. From 2011 to 2012, she was the head teacher of Shailrani Devi Municipal Secondary Girls High School, Cumilla . For 30 years, he has made a great contribution to the spread of education in Cumilla , in addition, politically, he is serving as the general secretary of Cumilla District Women's Awami League, a member of the Bangladesh Women's Awami League Central Executive Committee. From 1982 to 1982, she served as the president of Cumilla Government Women's College Chhatra League and until now, she successfully served in various workplaces including making women aware of politics and making them self-reliant.

In this regard, Kohinoor Begum said, women should move forward after overcoming various obstacles. If women fall in the society, that society can never stand up. To advance the society and the country, regardless of men and women, everyone should move forward shoulder to shoulder as one. Due to the award of Jayita, the interest of men and women to work equally in the society will increase. Rewards motivate people to work. I hope this award will give me motivation to continue working to strengthen the hands of honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

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