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Wednesday, 29 November 2023
Italian-Thai Company will continue to contribute in Bangladesh's infrastructure dev endeavours

Italian-Thai Company will continue to contribute in Bangladesh's infrastructure dev endeavours

Diplomatic Correspondent

Bangladesh Embassy in Bangkok had a fruitful discussion with the top officials of the Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited (ITD) regarding the ongoing major infrastructure projects, including the Dhaka Elevated Expressway and MRT-6, in Bangladesh.

According to a press release of Bangladesh Embassy in Bangkok on Thursday, a constructive courtesy meeting took place between the Ambassador of Bangladesh to the Kingdom of Thailand Mohammed Abdul Hye, and the Acting President of Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited (ITD) Thoranis Karnasuta, delving into ongoing infrastructure projects in Bangladesh.

The discussion emphasised collaborative efforts and future engagements in enhancing the nation's infrastructure landscape.

The central focus of the meeting was the Dhaka Elevated Expressway, a critical infrastructure project that has recently reached a partial conclusion, said the press release.

Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited, through its subsidiary First Dhaka Elevated Expressway Company Limited, has played an instrumental role in driving this endeavour.

The project represents a significant milestone and underlines the commitment of ITD as the private partner with a 51 percent share in the PPP project.

Additionally, the dialogue shed light on the successful Metrorail operation from Uttara to Agargoan.

They said they are working in full swing to implementing the next section up to Kamlapur by the December in 2024.

The Ambassador assured full support and cooperation from the Bangladesh government to foster an environment conducive to a fruitful collaboration.
This shared commitment aims to contribute to the sustainable growth and development of Bangladesh through strategic and impactful infrastructure projects.

Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited remains dedicated to actively participating in Bangladesh's infrastructure development endeavors and is eager to continue contributing to the nation's progress through meaningful projects and partnerships.

During the meeting, among others, on behalf of the Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited Wichien Roongrujirat, Co-Project Director, The High-Speed Rail Linking Three Airport Project of ITD and Sakchai Puetpaiboon, Executive Vice President and on the side of Bangladesh Embassy of Bangkok, Syed Rashedul Hossen, Economic Minister and Md. Masumur Rahaman, Counsellor and Head of Chancery were present.

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