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Sunday, 26 March 2023
Introductory meeting of newly formed ward BNP committee held in Enayetpur

Introductory meeting of newly formed ward BNP committee held in Enayetpur

Shahjadpur (Sirajganj) Correspondent

An introduction meeting was held on the initiative of the newly formed 9th Ward BNP of Khukni Union of Enayetpur Police Station of Sirajganj.

This familiarization meeting was organized in Khokshabari on Saturday afternoon.In the speech of the chief guest under the chairmanship of Ward No. 9 BNP president Md. Mojibur Rahman and general secretary Md. Habil Sarkar, Enayetpur Thana BNP convenor Master Nurul Islam said that Trinamool leaders are needed more to organize the party.

We want to unite and bring the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) to power in the future from every neighbourhood.He called upon every leader and activist to be ready for all movements and struggles in the future.The senior joint convener of Enayetpur Thana BNP, Moroshan Ali Montu Sarkar, spoke as the main speaker in the said event.

The special guest is member secretary of Khukni Union BNP former chairman Md Nazrul Islam. Further speeches were made by the joint convener of Sirajganj District Farmers Dal Md Merazul Islam Meraj, the convener of Thana Sechsevak Dal Shahriar Imon, the joint convener of Khukni Union BNP Md Anwar Hossain.Khukni Union BNP joint convener Arrazzak Sikh, Salim Ahmed, Sarwar Sarkar, Thana Sechsevak Dal joint convener Mohd Hazrat Ali Bepari, Mohd Sonaullah Sarkar, Isa Ahmed and others were present.

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