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Wednesday, 28 September 2022
Integrity store inaugurated in Sherpur

Integrity store inaugurated in Sherpur

Nakla (Sherpur) Correspondent

An integrity store "Satata Store" was inaugurated at Atiur Rahman Model Girls Institute in Sherpur sader upazila of Sherpur district on Tuesday noon.
On the occasion, an inauguration program was organized.

The store and the program were financial supported by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

Zubaidul Haque, headteacher of Atiur Rahman Model Girls Institute presided over the program, where Deputy Commissioner (DC) Sahela Akhter presents as the chief guest. The chief guest DC Sahela Akhter officially announced inaugurated the integrity store "Satata Store".

Assistant teacher of Atiur Rahman Model Girls Institute Sharifun Nahar Sham conducted the program. Deputy Director (DD) of ACC integrated office of Jamalpur Malay Kumar Saha, GS of Sherpur district Anti-corruption committee Sarwar Jahan Tapan, president of the institute management council Md Abu Hanif Khoka spoke as special guests.
At that time other teachers, staff, students and parents and of the institute, dignitaries of the area and journalists of different media were present.

According to related sources, the shops called "Satata Store" are being opened in different educational institutions with the financial support of the ACC to spread the light of honesty among students.
In these shops, Books, Note, Khata and others various educational materials, children's food including chocolates, chips and others will be kept. There is no seller in this shop. The real seller of this store is conscience, morality, honesty and ideal character, they added.

Each product has a fixed price list. Student buys the products of their choice and deposit the price in cash as per the list. As a result, every student will be honest in action and thought. Through this integrity store, all students will learn honesty and learn to prevent corruption. After all, everyone thinks that students will be enlightened by the light of honesty.

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