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Monday, 25 September 2023
Humanity disappearing with advancement of civilization

Humanity disappearing with advancement of civilization

Israt Jahan

The people who spent the night in the cave, wrapped in the leaves, slowly stepped into civilization. As the days go by, the touch of technology seems to be calling the doors of possibilities to many impossibilities.

The touch of this modernity seems as if people are suppressing their humanity and moving forward with inhumanity. Nowadays, people seem to forget the true identity of a person. Among the daily happenings, some events shake the conscience of people.

Road accident is a very familiar word nowadays. Every morning a new day begins with the rising of the sun. On a new day, people go out to busy lives with new hopes.

Constantly running and running. And amid this running, suddenly an unexpected storm comes. A fresh life is extinguished in the blink of an eye. Death has to be accepted despite reluctance. Many such incidents come up in the media every day.

When you turn the pages of the newspaper, you can see the cries of other relatives who are suffering from the pain of losing their relatives. This cry does not stop. Many disliked parents are mourning the loss of their only child and fear a dark future after losing the only earner of the family.

Accidental death on the road is never desirable. As the saying goes "an accident is the cry of a lifetime". When a lamp of life goes out, the darkness that descends on that family has to be carried for the rest of its life.

The lamp of happiness in many families is extinguished. Many times it is seen that the person affected by the accident is lying on the road for a long time while pretending not to see the pedestrians passing by him and running toward his destination. May his conscience be asleep as he passes by.

Another heart-wrenching incident is seen when a man is involved in a road accident and is rushed to the hospital after someone rescues him. Many times the doctors started to hesitate to treat him. According to them, we will be able to provide treatment after legal action.

Due to this, many times the person who was standing and fighting on the verge of death fell into the lap of death. That's when humanity is questioned. The man whose lamp of life has been extinguished may stand at the end of his life and ask this question, where is humanity lost today?

'I was born as a man. But birth is my unborn sin' - the person whose lamp of life has been extinguished by other people's light may be said to be at the end of his life. If you look at the daily events, you can see the murder of brothers and sisters by brothers and sisters, fathers by children, and children by fathers.

This is news that has caught everyone's attention for the past few days. The father killed his daughter to frame his son-in-law. The father to whom the child can breathe a sigh of relief has stained the hands of the father with the blood of his child.

Humanity is in question again. It is like a class of anthropomorphic lunatics who enjoy eating people despite being human. Violence has taken place among them. They seem to forget that they are human. They can be called worse than animals. Their parents started to feel sorry for these children. Many times parents choose to commit suicide because they cannot bear the thousands of questions heard by people in society for their child's bad behavior.

There are many humanoid insects in ety and some people become helpless. A person has to face thousands of questions, and thousands of problems from birth to death. Some can overcome that problem but some give their lives to the hands of death. Maybe they still ask this question, where is humanity?

This human society is running on auctioning humanity, singing the song of civilization, and basking in the touch of modernity. Humanoid humans are playing destructive games in society and are slowly threatening this human civilization.

Therefore, the qualities of humanity should be contained in oneself. As the saying goes, "If you want to be human, if you want to bring meaning to life, then embrace humanity". Living for others and not for oneself should be the only aim of life.

The writer is a student of of the Department of English, Chittagong College

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