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Friday, 12 April 2024
Heat wave sweeping over Sylhet dist increasing load shedding

Heat wave sweeping over Sylhet dist increasing load shedding

Sylhet Bureau

Heat wave is sweeping over the Sylhet districts and it may continue. Despite the arrival of winter in Sylhet a few weeks ago. From Thursday there is a change in the weather, the heat of the sun is visible from the morning. The days are getting hotter. Same view of Sylhet city or village.

As the heat grew, the load shedding continued to increase, with hours without electricity. Lightning actually comes and goes in flashes. After standing under the open sky of Sylhet for a few minutes, the body temperature started to rise and sweat started to flow.

Syed Ahmad Chowdhury, senior meteorologist of Sylhet Meteorological Office said, maximum temperature of 36.2 degrees Celsius was recorded in Sylhet. He said that this is the highest temperature in September this year.

Although the temperature is 36.2 degrees Celsius, it is hotter than what has been felt. He blames climate change for this. He said that the temperature of the day will remain unchanged for another 2/3 days. After 4/5 days heavy rainfall is likely over Sylhet.

Meanwhile, people suffered due to load shedding in different areas of Sylhet city due to intense heat. Unable to bear the heat, many were seen sitting on the balconies of their homes.

Shamch-e Arefin, Chief Engineer of Electricity Sales and Distribution Division-2, said that load shedding is reduced on Fridays. However, the load shedding has been a little higher this Friday due to less power allocation than the demand. Besides, as Sylhet's load shedding is controlled from Dhaka, load shedding is happening multiple times in the same area at the same time.

He said, after Friday evening, the electricity demand in my area was 32 MW. I have been allotted 27 MW. Thus all areas of Sylhet are getting less allocation against demand. As a result load shedding is increasing.

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