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Sunday, 14 July 2024
Hajj pilgrims advised on safe practices for stoning of Jamarat

Hajj pilgrims advised on safe practices for stoning of Jamarat

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As pilgrims gather in the vast expanse of Mina to participate in the stoning of the Jamarat, a ritual embedded in the Hajj pilgrimage, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has outlined essential guidelines to ensure the safety and spiritual integrity of this solemn act.

In an effort to preserve the sanctity and order of the ritual, the Ministry has issued specific instructions, urging pilgrims to refrain from climbing the surrounding mountains to collect pebbles.

This measure not only protects the natural landscape but also ensures the safety of the pilgrims from potential hazards associated with loose rocks and steep terrains.

The Ministry has detailed the procedure for the stoning ritual, specifying that pilgrims should throw seven pebbles at the Jamrah Al-Aqaba (the Large Jamrah) on the Day of Eid, and seven pebbles each at all three Jamarahs during the days of Tashreeq.

Aware of the dense crowds that converge at the Jamarat, the Ministry also highlighted the importance of avoiding overcrowding and the risk of stampedes.

Pilgrims are advised to adhere strictly to the grouping schedule allocated to them, which is designed to manage the flow of the masses and ensure that all have the opportunity to perform the ritual without undue delay or disruption.

Source : Saudi Gazette

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