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Monday, 03 October 2022
Govt creating chaos to stay in power: BNP

Govt creating chaos to stay in power: BNP

Staff Reporter

The BNP yesterday said the government wants to create a state of chaos in the country through violence, murders, and by foiling the processions and rallies of opposition parties.

The ruling Awami League is doing this with the aim of staying in office, BNP leaders told a rally in front of the party's office in the capital's Nayapaltan in protest of the recent attacks on demonstrators.

"When the people of Bangladesh are fighting and struggling for their rights, they want to create chaos in Bangladesh through violence, murder, and obstruction of processions so that they can stay in power," said BNP Secretary General BNP Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.

Thousands of people chanting slogans marched to the rally organised by Dhaka city units of BNP, prompting police to close the VIP Road to traffic. This caused severe gridlocks and long tailbacks in Paltan, Dainik Bangla, Kakrail, and Fakirapul.

A large number of police, prison buses, armoured personnel carriers and water cannons were kept in the areas during the rally.

Fakhrul said whenever the BNP activists tried to organise rallies in different parts of the country, the ruling party men attacked them.

"Don't do this. You cannot stop the movement by doing this. You will be defeated by the movement," he said, addressing the government.

Fakhrul also demanded immediate and unconditional release of the arrested BNP leaders and activists.

He said Myanmar was bombing the border areas, but the Bangladesh government was silent "because it [the government] is not elected by the people. It cannot mobilise public opinion against the bombing."

He then asked the government to step down immediately and hand the power over to an impartial government.

He urged the general public and the political parties to unite and oust the government to establish a people's government.

The government is violating human rights and people are being abducted, he said.

Amanullah Aman, convener of Dhaka North BNP, presided over the rally. Dhaka South BNP Member Secretary Rafiqul Alam and Dhaka North BNP Member Secretary Aminul Haque were present at the rally.

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