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Sunday, 14 July 2024
Gold price marks nearly Tk 1 lakh per bhori

Gold price marks nearly Tk 1 lakh per bhori

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Jewellers have inflated the price of gold by Tk 1,517 to Tk 99,144 per bhori in the market in Bangladesh.

Standing committee on pricing and price monitoring of Bangladesh Jeweller’s Association (BAJUS) made the decision at a meeting held on Saturday.

The price of 22-carat gold is now Tk 8,500 per gram while it is Tk 8,115 for 21-carat said a press release signed by committee vice-chairman Enamul Haque Bhuiyan.
The price of 18-carat gold has been fixed at Tk 6,955 a gram while that of traditional gold Tk 5,795. The new tariffs will come into effect on Sunday, the release said.

The price of 22-carat silver is Tk 147 per gram while 21-carat Tk 140 and the price is Tk 120 per gram of 18-carat silver and Tk 90 for traditional one.

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