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Sunday, 02 April 2023
Freedom fighter Sector Commanders' Forum observes Victory Day in New York

Freedom fighter Sector Commanders' Forum observes Victory Day in New York

New York (United States) Correspondent

Victory rally of Freedomfighter Sector Commanders' Forum was held on Friday evening at the Jewish Center in Jackson Heights, New York City.

After observing one minute silence in memory of the heroic martyrs who sacrificed themselves in the great Liberation War and seeking forgiveness for their departed souls. Artists of Bahnishikha performed victory songs along with the national anthem.

Savita Das, Director of Bahnishikha and Women Affairs Secretary of Sector Commanders Forum, was in the lead.

Artists of the organization led by Mina Islam and Secretary Farhana Aman, President of Tarar Alo, working for the welfare of women in the country and abroad, were also present in this episode.

Shah Mahbub, Runa Roy, Ismat Jahan Poly, Kaniz Fatema, Savita Das, Willy Nandi etc. sang songs inspired by the spirit of the liberation war. Sajeev Modak accompanied on tabla.

In the opening phase, the members-officials of 'Tarar Alo' dressed in red-green sarees, holding the national flag, greeted all the freedom fighters present after entering the ceremony to the tune of 'Bangla's freedom in exchange for an ocean of blood.' The venue erupted with slogans of Jai Bangla Jai Bangabandhu with huge applause. They also saluted the freedom fighters.

The convenor of the sub-committee constituted for this event was chaired by Rashed Ahmed, member-secretary, and Abul Bashar Chunnu, the member-secretary, coordinated the whole event, and the joint general secretary of America-Bangladesh Press Club, Shah Farooq.

The general secretary of the Sector Commanders Forum, Bir Muktijoddha Rezaul Bari, gave the welcome speech and the discussion was started by the president of the organization, Bir Muktijoddha Labloo Ansar. Labloo Ansar said that late Indira Gandhi should also be thanked in the Victory Day rally.

After we jumped into the war of liberation on the orders of Bangabandhu, that war was successful within a short time with the sincere support of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The role of the Soviet Union at that time should not be forgotten.

Indian friend human rights organizer and writer Dr. Partha Banerjee said, the contribution of Indians in the liberation war of 1971 is not well recorded in history. Today's generation is not able to know anything.

World Human Rights and Development President Shah Shahidul Haque Saeed said that an 'Indira Memorial' should be built in Bangladesh to commemorate the contribution of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1971.

I am making this appeal to the Bangladesh government from this victory rally of the brave freedom fighters. Freedom fighter Khorshed Anwar Bablu and Mohila Awami League leader Nurunnahar Alam also participated in the discussion.

Shamim Sharif, member of Sector Commanders Forum participated in poetry and song in light of Victory Day and Anindita Bhattacharya performed dance.

Motiur Rahman, Enamul Haque, Imdadul Haque, Shahidul Haque, Abdur Razzaq, Abul Bashar Bhaiya, Abul Bashar Chunnu, Nazimuddin, Mesbahuddin Ahmed were also among the brave freedom fighters in the ceremony.

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