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Monday, 05 June 2023
Festival of cutting soil from agri land going on again in Dohar

Festival of cutting soil from agri land going on again in Dohar


Mahabubur Rahman Tipu, Dohar (Dhaka)

The festival of cutting soil from agricultural land is going on again at Mahmudpur Union in Dohar Upazila in Dhaka.

This time, the influential people are using multiple modern excavator machines to cut the top soil of the agricultural land. This machine is destroying the crop of the farmer's cultivated land of 3 to 4 bigha.

Besides, the construction of paved road by the LGED is being hampered hampered. As a result, the local farmers are worried about the failed crops. It is alleged that because the influential people are involved in cutting the soil, no one is speaking publicly about the matter.

It can be seen on the ground on Saturday, in Mahmudpur village, Ward No. 9 of Mahmudpur Union of the upazila, the farmers are producing rice, mustard, garlic, onion, corn and vegetables in their arable land on a large scale. Also, due to the Padma river, a lot of land is washed away by the river and every year numerous small floods arise. - large fodder.

A gang is cutting these fodder soil and selling it to brick kilns at a high price. The news was published in several newspapers including Dainik Samakal. As a result of the news, the upazila administration conducted a raid and seized a modern excavator machine, but was later released after being fined. Within fifteen days, the gang became reckless again. Now there are several modern excavator machines and half a hundred Mahendra is using workers day and night to cut the soil and take it to the brick kiln. There are many rumors in the conscious circles about the weak role of the administration in this incident.

There is an allegation that the gang is cutting soil from the various paddy fields along the banks of Padmani River by defaming the name of a local Awami League leader.

However, the accused Liton Dewan denied involvement in cutting the soil and said, 15 days ago we bought the soil from Kamal Master. We also paid him for that. His land was high and low, so we cut it with beku to make it equal. But we made ponds or holes.

I am not cutting the soil. But he said that others are cutting. When asked who is cutting, he said, I cannot say. Besides, why did you come? Respect is sent in your name. Money is also sent in the name of your Doha Press Club. He cut off the mobile phone connection as he knew about the search. After that, it was not possible to talk to him even after calling his phone several times.

Talking to several people who did not want to reveal their names, it is known that Liton Dewan is cutting soil with several modern excavator machines in Mahmudpur village of Mahmudpur union of Dohar upazila. He said that in Mahmudpur Union, agricultural land is being cleared by laying miles of big plastic pipe connections and using modern machines to cut the soil. Cutting the top soil and dredging of the land with these excavator machines
10 to 20 feet deep holes are being made in the crop fields by machines. In this, reservoirs and ponds are being created by destroying the surrounding cropland. Thus, if the cutting and selling of land is not stopped, the crop production may decrease at an alarming rate.

The affected farmer of Mahmudpur Union, Md. Mir Ali, complained that lakhs of feet of soil has been cut and taken to the brick kiln. Seasonal paddy trees of my arable land have been damaged. Money will be available at one time.

Hashem Fakir of Basta village said 15 days ago, a Beku machine was closed after the administration conducted a raid and seized it on charges of cutting and selling soil. Later I learned that the influential people took away the Beku machine on bond by paying a nominal fine. Now they are managing everything again. Farmers here are being forced to sell their land for a nominal sum of taka.

Sheikh Sohel Rana of Bara Ikrashi village said that dredgers, excavators and soil-carrying tractors are running in Dedars in this huge upazila.

The road in front of our house is turning into dust after rain and it doesn't matter if it rains, the paved road has turned into tears and the main reason for this is multiple brick kilns nearby. If these brick kilns are harmful to the environment, then we don't have to face this problem anymore.

In this regard, Doha Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) SM Mustafizur Rahman said, if complaints are received, necessary action will be taken.

In this regard, Doha Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Md. Mobaswer Alam said, cutting the soil of agricultural land is completely prohibited.

If anyone is involved in such work and if evidence is found, necessary action will be taken against him as per the rules.

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