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Thursday, 20 June 2024
FBCCI wants import of broiler chicken, beef to calm down prices during Ramadan

FBCCI wants import of broiler chicken, beef to calm down prices during Ramadan

Staff Correspondent

Dhaka- Expressing concern over the high prices of beef and broiler chicken ahead of the Ramadan, FBCCI president Md Jasim Uddin on Thursday said the apex trade body will urge the government to import the items to keep prices under control.

“We are concerned over the rising prices of broiler chicken and beef,” said Jashim adding, “If this situation persists, the government should go for imports”.

The head of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI), said this while briefing the media on the current market prices of commodities ahead of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan at the federation building.
He said broiler chicken now sells at Tk 280 per kg and if the government thinks the import of the poultry will lower the price then it should go for that.

He said that beef in Dubai, UAE sells at Tk500 per kg even if the country does not raise cattle. If UAE can sell beef at Tk500 per kg by importing it, why should Bangladeshi people buy locally produced beef at such a higher price?

Bangladesh, he said, banned import of poultry chicken and beef to protect the local industry.

The FBCCI chief said if the local industry can't provide beef and broiler chicken at an affordable price, then the Ministry of Commerce should lift the ban to allow imports for an interim period.

“If the market price decreases by importing, then it should be done. If people cannot buy products at a fair price, there is no point in caring about the industry,” Jashim said.

He said this season more dates have been imported than the demand. Not only dates, other products including sugar and edible oil are also adequately available. He said the license of the trade organization that charges higher prices will be canceled.

“We do not want any trader's license to be revoked or anyone to be arrested for charging high prices in Ramadan,” said the FBCCI president.

FBCCI Senior Vice Presidents Mustafa Azad Chowdhury Babu, MA Momen, president of Bangladesh Shop Owners Association Helal Uddin and members of the market monitoring committee along with leaders of different organizations related to commodities business were present in the meeting.

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