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Sunday, 27 November 2022
FBCCI president urges industry owners to invest in decent workplaces

FBCCI president urges industry owners to invest in decent workplaces

Staff Reporter

In association with International Labor Organization (ILO), FBCCI Safety Council organized a training workshop to ensure Occupational Safety and Health. The safety cell representatives from 4 chambers and 12 associations and ILO representatives have participated in the training workshop.

FBCCI President Md. Jashim Uddin inaugurated the two-day long training workshop titled Basic OSH and OSH Management System at FBCCI on Saturday morning.

While speaking, he said that occupational safety and health should be ensured in all industries of the country. Safe industry is crucial in the transition from LDCs to developing countries. Many sectors produce world-class products. Ensuring a decent workplace will pave the way to export these products, the President added.

In the post LDC period, the issues of occupational safety and health will become more important for Bangladesh in the arena of international trade. Keeping the future challenges in mind, BIDA in association with FBCCI has completed about 5,200 factories, the President informed.

Urging the industry owners to come forward to ensure occupational safety and health, the President mentioned, decent workplace would increase the productivity of the workforce, hence, entrepreneurs should consider spending on safety as an investment.

Earlier, Senior Vice President Mostofa Azad Chowdhury Babu said that FBCCI is committed to transforming the country’s industries safer. In this connection, FBCCI has established a Safety Council in FBCCI.

Brigadier General (Retired) Abu Nayeem Md. Shahidullah, Advisor of the Safety Council informed that safety committees and safety units will be formed at the factory level of the industry through the Safety Council. Abu Nayeem Md. Shahidullah said that if factory workers are given proper safety training, incidents will be reduced.

The two-day workshop will train up the participants in strengthening occupational safety and health of chambers and associations, roles and responsibilities of safety cells, importance of OSH, concepts and benefits of OSH, hazard and risk identification and assessment, legislative framework, OSH Law and rules, OSH management, steps of effective OSH implementation, roles of owner and employees, responsibility of safety committee members, fire safety, rescue and first aid, occupational accidents and work related illness and diseases, internal communication and knowledge management in implementing OSH.

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