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Monday, 27 May 2024
Farmers of Tajumuddin busy with early potato cultivation

Farmers of Tajumuddin busy with early potato cultivation

Tamim Mannan, Tajumuddin (Bhola)

Farmers of Tajumaddin Upazila are busy in early potato cultivation.

Farmers are preparing for early potato cultivation. Farmers are busy cultivating potatoes soon after the arrival of aush paddy in the hope of getting more profit in less time. A bumper crop of potatoes is likely if the weather is favourable. And if the yield is good, the farmers can benefit.

It has been seen on the ground that the farmers have gone to the field with their waist tied to cultivate potatoes in advance. Farmer Md. Ershad of Shambhupur Union of Upazila, 24%, farmer Md. Yunus of Ahalia village, Chandpur Union, 120%, Khalil Patwari, farmer of the same village, 32%, Ajiullah, Imran, Zainal, farmers of Dakshin Chapari village, Sonapur Union, sowed potatoes early on 220 hectares of land.

According to Upazila Agriculture Office sources, the target of potato cultivation has been set in 380 hectares of land in Tajumuddin Upazila this year, which is 60 hectares more than last year (320 hectares). Farmers are being advised to grow potatoes on high ground as the weather is favorable.

Sowing is being talked about in the low land by looking at the weather. Bari Alu-25, Diamond, Cardinal, these varieties of potatoes are cultivated. Besides this year, new varieties of seeds (B ADC, Sun Sign-1) are being given to the farmers.

Farmer Md. Ershad said, if the weather is favorable for potato cultivation, I hope to be able to profit from potato cultivation. If I make a profit by cultivating potatoes this time, I want to cultivate potatoes in more land next year.

Farmer Yunus said, this season I have cultivated early potato on 120 percent of the land. The land in this region is very high and mixed with sand. Despite the heavy rains, there is no fear of any major damage. The soil is dry due to excessive rain. So they are sowing potatoes in advance in the hope of double profit in the earlier part.

Upazila Agriculture Officer Apoorba Lal Sarkar said, now the farmers of Tajumaddin Upazila have also started early potato cultivation. We will give them all kinds of support. These potatoes can be harvested at home within 80-90 days of planting and the yield is also good. Farmers are also expected to be able to sell potatoes at a good price. And besides, a farmer can grow several types of crops in one plot, like potato cultivation, sweet pumpkin inside ali in the same plot, sunflower can be cultivated around the plot, it can be very profitable.

Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, Bangladesh has set an example in producing more crops in less land. Our field officers at the field level are regularly encouraging and advising the cultivators.

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