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Sunday, 02 April 2023
Farmers expecting bumper crop of potatoes in Narsingdi

Farmers expecting bumper crop of potatoes in Narsingdi

Nazmul Hasan, Narsingdi

Farmers of Palash upazila of Narsingdi are now dreaming of the future in potatoes. So now they are busy tending the potato field hoping for a bumper crop.

Farmers hope that the government will buy potatoes like rice at a good price. For this reason, their demand to the agriculture minister and related parties should take initiative to export potatoes abroad from now on.

According to the information provided by the Palash Upazila Agriculture Office, the target of potato cultivation in the entire upazila is set at 64 hectares, but 65 hectares of land have been planted.

And in order to achieve this target, the farmers have now cultivated improved varieties-Aristric, Cardinal, Diamond, Laura, Carriage potato and indigenous varieties - Pakri, Pahari Pakri, Bot Pakri, Tel Pakri, Fata Pakri, Romana and Nalita.

It can be seen on the surface, the farmers of Ghazaria, Charsindur, Jinardi and Danga Union of the upazila are now spending busy time tending the potato fields. They are threshing potatoes with hoes and binding kale with spades. Some are applying fungicides, vitamins, fertilizers and various nutrients to prevent disease.

Sadekur Rahman of Sarkarchar village of Ghazaria union of upazila, Sumon Mia of Purbapara, Ripon of Dakshin Para said that they have cultivated potatoes this time in the hope of getting good yield and good price. With that dream in their chest, they are spending busy time tending the potato field.

They claim that the government will ensure good prices of potatoes for the sake of farmers. For this reason, the concerned parties will stop the import of potato from abroad and will take initiative to export potato abroad from now on.

Upazila Agriculture Extension Officer Agriculturist Abu Nadir SA Siddiqui said that the agriculture department has continued regular personal communication, yard meetings and field meetings with the farmers to ensure the bumper yield of potatoes.

Leaflets are being distributed in four unions of the upazila including Ghorashal Municipality to increase the awareness of farmers.

He is hopeful that farmers will get a bumper crop if the potato is managed as per the advice of the Agriculture Department and the weather is finally favourable.

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