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Friday, 19 April 2024
Farmers expect bumper Irri-Boro production in Gafargaon

Farmers expect bumper Irri-Boro production in Gafargaon

Gafargaon (Mymensingh) Correspondent

Farmers in Gafargaon Upazila in Mymensingh are hopeful of bumper yueld of Irri-Boro paddy this year.

According to Gafargaon Upazila Agriculture Office sources, this year, 15 unions and 1 municipality of the upazila have set a target of 28,000 hectares of Irri- Boro plantation. The production target has been set at 70,000 million tonnes. Farmers are expecting a bumper yield of Erie Boro paddy this year as well.

It is learnt that this year in the upazila 11 BADC, 198 electric private, 950 diesel shallow, 493 electric shallow, 5 LLP electric tube wells from the river are being irrigated in Eri Boro paddy fields.

Due to favourable weather conditions, timely planting of saplings, intensive care, uninterrupted power supply, timely irrigation and no shortage of fertilizers, the upazila is likely to produce a bumper crop of Eri Boro rice in the current season. Farmers have finished paddy planting a little earlier this year due to timely provision of incentive seeds and fertilizers to farmers.

In this season, due to the lack of timely rain this year, even though Iri Boro was cultivated late, the crop field has been very beautiful. Fresh seedlings and heads of rice have come out. So this time there is a possibility of a bumper yield of paddy. As a result, farmers are expecting a bumper yield of paddy in the current season.

The paddy fields of different areas of the Upazila have been visited, the ceremony of green in the field. Every paddy field is sprouting. Farmers are busy tending to the fields. Farmers are busy taking care of rice plants in the fields from morning till evening. Some are using fertilizer, pesticide application, weeding and perching in the field.

The local farmers of Gafargaon Upazila said that with the cooperation and advice of the Agriculture Office, the cultivated seedlings of Iri paddy have been very good. Suruj Miah, a farmer of Chramchaland village of the upazila, Rokan Uddin, Muslim Uddin, Sona Miah, a farmer of Belal Nidhiyar's Char village said that we are expecting a bumper crop of paddy this year. And after a few days, I will be able to take the crop home.

Gafargaon Upazila Agriculture Officer Agriculturist Noor Mohammad said that we are working at the field level with the aim of increasing bumper yield and production of Eri Boro rice. The yield has also been quite good. In the current season, paddy has been cultivated in more than the target area in this upazila.

Already about 25 percent of the rice grains have come out. If the weather is favourable, bumper production of paddy is likely to be produced this year and is expected to exceed the target.

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