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Monday, 15 July 2024
Everyone at grassroots should be sincere to ensure energy security: Nasrul

Everyone at grassroots should be sincere to ensure energy security: Nasrul

Staff Correspondent

State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid today said everyone at grassroots level should play a responsible role to ensure energy security in the country.

“We have to be economical in using electricity and fuel. It is a must to stop misuse of energy at all levels,” he said, inaugurating Renewable Energy Research Laboratory and Training Centre at Daffodil International University here.

Nasrul Hamid said the demand for gas and other fuels is rapidly increasing due to industrialisation and economic growth in the country.

“The demand of power and energy is being fulfilled on time by taking various initiatives. Extensive research is needed on renewable energy. We have to solve existing problems considering our context,” he said.
The state minister said, “A 100 MW solar power plant requires about 350 acres of non-agricultural land, which is a major barrier to take a large-scale solar power plant project. But we have to find a practical solution.”

He said pressure on imported fuel will be reduced with the use of higher efficiency electric vehicles, which would also reduce carbon emissions.

Praising the Daffodil International University for renewable energy research programme, Nasrul Hamid said that such activities will support expansion and development of renewable energy in the country, which will gradually ensure sustainable solutions.

Three separate research papers were presented on Assessment of Solar Electricity Potential in Public Universities, Solar DC system: Empowering Rural Communities with Sustainable and Energy Auditor Training Program.

Dean of Engineering Faculty of the university Professor Dr M Shamsul Alam presided over the event. Among others, Member of Parliament Nahim Razzak, university's Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr M Lutfar Rahman and head of electric and electronics engineering department Professor Dr Md Shahidullah spoke.

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