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Monday, 05 June 2023
Digital Security Act and some thoughts

Digital Security Act and some thoughts

AK Faiyazul Huq Raju

It is quite desirable to many, in our country as well as in all other countries Digital Security Act is definitely important as now we have to pass through social media.

Actions by professionals have shown that legal protection for all is vital. Also we now have a massive digital media and digital promotion programmes. Therefore, taking into account the issue of conflict of interest, the prevalence of a law to protect and remedy the legal interests of all is undeniable.

There may be some observations and debates on the many appendices, clauses, jurisdictional scope, loopholes of the law and above all the misuse and application of the existing digital law. It is a contemporary law. It would not be wrong to say that the various pos and cons are still sensitive and in the initial position.

But is there any basis for the unreasonable demand to abolish the law? It didn't make sense to me at all. Because, not only the security and human protection of all citizens, the state also needs to keep its position and governance within the framework of the law.

I'm not here to outright deny that there have been some fairly outrageous digital law cases in recent times. There are some structural weaknesses in this Act, more or less everyone is aware of it.

It goes without saying that we need advocacy and dialogue to take effective measures to address all these aspects. But, surely we have the least right to know how and to what extent the production of direct law arises from logical reasons.

The last thing is, let the issue of digital law be more humane, smart and safe for all on a legal basis, from that point of view we now talk about it, raise demands, be vocal about it.

We must be generous enough to understand that simply challenging the system does not have the potential to solve all problems.

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