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Sunday, 14 July 2024
Dhandia Union Institution in Kalaroa achieves remarkable success

Dhandia Union Institution in Kalaroa achieves remarkable success

Kalaroa (Satkhira) Correspondent

Dhandia Union Institution, an ancient educational institution in a remote town of the upazila, achieved remarkable success in the debate and essay competition of secondary level students organized by the upazila anti-corruption committee in Kalaroa.

The students of this educational institution left behind the eight participating institutions in the competition organized by the Anti-Corruption Commission yesterday at the Kalaroa Primary Teachers Auditorium.

They achieved the honor of winning the debate competition by defeating the opposing team with excellent presentations and arguments showing indomitable spirit.

Similarly, the 10th class student of this educational institution won the first place in the Tirtha Vaidya Essay Competition. The subject of the essay was: The role of students in building a corruption-free smart Bangladesh. On the other hand, the topic of the final phase of the debate competition was: The moral education acquired in the academic life can be implemented in the working life to form a corruption-free state.

The 8 secondary schools participating in the competition are: Kalaroa Government GKMK Pilot Secondary School, Kalaroa Girls Pilot High School, Sonabaria Combined Secondary School, BSH Singha Secondary School, Betravati Adarsh Secondary School, Dhandia Union Institution Secondary School, Kalaroa Model Secondary School and Kazirhat Girls High School.

The winners of the debate competition were 3 students of Dhandia Union Institution: Abir (team leader), Faria and Fatema. Dhandia Union Institution won both the events in this upazila-wide competition and the students erupted in joy. This joy spread throughout the school.

Azizur Rahman, the head teacher of Dhandia Union Institution, expressed satisfaction with the achievement of the students and said that regular practice should be maintained to continue this trend of success.

He welcomed the organization of Upazila Corruption Prevention Committee and expressed his determination to stay with the organization.

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