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Sunday, 26 March 2023
Colorful cauliflower farming sees success in Nakla

Colorful cauliflower farming sees success in Nakla

Nahidul Islam Rizon, Sherpur

Fahima Akhtar, a farmer of West Ganpaddi area (Poranbari) under Ganpaddi Digital Union in Nakla Upazila of Sherpur district. She has become successful in experimental cultivation of newly introduced colorful cauliflower on his 33 decimal of land in this year.

Fahima Akhtar is the wife of abroad returnee Abul Kalam Azad Liton of West Ganpaddi area of Ganpaddi block of the upazila. Popular in different parts of the globe, is also gradually becoming popular among the local people. Farmers' level extension of colorful cauliflower farming can bring a new horizon to the agriculture sector in the district.

Fahima Akhtar has caught everyone's attention by cultivating colorful cauliflower for the first time. 33 decimals of land beside the house have benefited by experimentally cultivating yellow and purple colored cauliflower.

Out of 33 decimals of the land, 15 decimals of the land are yellow colored cauliflower and 18 decimals of the land are purple colored cauliflower. Fahima is happy as she is more profitable than other crops due to bumper yield and good market price in the first cultivation. Seeing his success, many local farmers have become interested in colorful cauliflower cultivation.

Fahima Akhtar said that I have been cultivating common cauliflower for a long time. But I have never seen colorful cauliflower before. I cultivated colorful cauliflower as per the advice of Upazila Agriculture Officer Agriculturist Abdul Wadud and under the supervision of Sub Assistant Agriculture Officer Aliullah of Gonpaddi Block.

She said the Greater Mymensingh Region Crop Intensification Project under the Department of Agriculture Extension; I cultivated yellow and purple cauliflowers on 33 decimals of the land in addition to common cauliflower cultivation using high-value crop cultivation technology.

I brought 2000 seedlings of yellow and purple cauliflower from Jamalpur Horticulture Center and planted them. A bumper crop has been produced as the favorable weather, Sher said.

This cauliflower is completely safe as chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides are not used in cultivation. Being a safe vegetable and a new crop in the area, the demand for this colorful cauliflower is naturally high. She is getting Tk 5 to Tk 10 more for each colorful cauliflower than general cauliflower.

Therefore, in the future, although the cultivation of other vegetables will be reduced, they will increase the amount of spring-colored cauliflower cultivation, said Fahima and her husband Abul Kalam Azad Liton.

Abul Kalam Azad Liton said that 33 decimal of land cultivation, organic fertilizer and two-color cauliflower seedlings and workers' wages have cost about Tk 30,000. Yellow cauliflower seedlings are marketable after 75 days of planting.

So far he has sold yellow cauliflower worth around Tk 15,000. According to the current market, it is possible to earn at least Tk 35,000 more by selling the remaining yellow cauliflower.

Moreover, he thinks that it may take another 8 to 10 days to produce purple cauliflower. He said that even if the market price is reduced, at least Tk 50,000 will be earned from purple cauliflower. According to him, after spending about Tk 30,000 taka on 33 decimal of the land, he will have at least Tk 50,000 profit even after deducting all expenses from the plantation of spring colored cauliflower.

Alhaj Saidul Haque, founding president of Vurdi Khandkarpara Agricultural Products Welfare Association and general secretary Helal Uddin, farmers Mostafizur Rahman, Shahzada, Kamal of Krishnapur area, Moniruzzaman, Moyna Begum and Nasima Begum of Vurdi said that they are interested in colorful cauliflower cultivation.

They have also contacted upazila agriculture office and Fahima Akter to get timely advice. According to nutrition science, colorful cauliflowers contain a large amount of vitamins, vitamins A, C, E, K, Folic Acid and Magnesium, Manganese and different beneficial substances including antioxidants; which is very important for the human body.

Upazila Agriculture Officer Agriculturist Abdul Wadud said that we are working relentlessly in the field to spread the use of new information technology in agriculture among the farmers. As a result of this, Fahima Akhtar, wife of Abul Kalam Azad Liton of West Ganpaddi area of Ganpaddi block of the upazila has caught everyone's attention by growing colorful cauliflower.

Climate and soil of Nakla are suitable for growing colorful cauliflower. Many other farmers have also become interested in the cultivation of colorful cauliflower, which is full of nutrients.

Anyone can become self-sufficient by cultivating yellow and purple cauliflowers in the home yard or on clay soil. Farmers will hopefully be encouraged to do the profitable cultivation, UAO Agriculturist Abdul Wadud added.


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