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Wednesday, 29 November 2023
Certificate forgery : LGED Chief Engineer Mohsin given retirement

Certificate forgery : LGED Chief Engineer Mohsin given retirement

Staff Correspondent

The Chief Engineer of LGED Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin was given retirement on allegations of birth certificate forgery.

A notification signed by SM Nazrul Islam, Deputy Secretary of the Local Government Department of the Ministry of Local Government Rural Development and Cooperatives has been issued on Sunday.

The notification said, 'Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin Chief Engineer LGED Head Office, Dhaka has been retired from government service on September 29 on completion of 59 years of age in accordance with section 43 (1) (a) of the Public Service Act, 2018 (Act 57 of 2018).

Meanwhile, the Local Government Department ( LGED) has issued a letter to the Directorate of Local Government Engineering asking for four details of Mohsin's biodata. Among these, attested copies of secondary school secondary certificate-SSC certificate, attested copy of LPC of first joining LGED, copy of first seniority list after joining LGED and seniority list of last year 2021 in LGED Engineers Draft are sought.

Earlier, Deputy Secretary of Local Government Department. In the letter signed by Abdur Rahman, it is said that the chief engineer of the local government engineering department, Sheikh Mohammad Mahasin, has been requested to send the following information on an urgent basis to resolve the complications of the date of birth.

The information sought by the Chief Engineer of the Directorate is- attested copy of SSC certificate of Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin, attested copy of LPC of first Gogdan in LGED, copy of first seniority list after joining LGED and draft seniority list of LGED engineers 2021.

He joined Chittagong District on 30 September 1963 and joined as Assistant Engineer on 22 June 1988. Presently, on 30th September 1964, he got another year's service by showing his Jammu certificate. In the meantime, the Local Government Division came to know about the matter and started an investigation against Chief Engineer Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin.

Later, Chief Engineer Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin submitted all his documents to the Ministry. It is reported that the Local Govrernment Division of the Ministry has given the retirement of Chief Engineer Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin after receiving all the papers.

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