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Thursday, 20 June 2024
BU Marketing Association formed

BU Marketing Association formed


BU Correspondent

Jewel Ahmed of BBA 2017-18 batch has been elected President of Barisal University (BU) Marketing Association and Bint Begum of BBA 2018-19 batch as General Secretary.

Chairman of Marketing Department and Chief Patron of Marketing Association Bankimchandra Sarkar approved committee recently.

MBA 2020-21 batch Mehdi Hasan and Modira Akhter Mim are mentors in the committee.

Preeti Bala Ghosh of Market BBA 2017-18 batch, Joint General Secretary- Sujoy Chandra of BBA 2018-19 batch, Treasurer- Abul Kalam Azad Rumon of BBA 2019-20 batch and Sports Secretary- Sarwar Pradhaniya, Office Secretary- BBA 2020-21 batch were elected as Vice President. Biswas and Executive Member Ziadul Islam (Jihad), Cultural Secretary BBA 2021-22 batch Maria Akhtar Lia and Executive Member Md. Hussain.

Newly- elected President Jewel Ahmed said, "sincere thanks and gratitude to all the members of the marketing family and teachers for trusting us.

We are responsible to the students of our entire department. It is the students' association, the welfare of the students is our main goal."

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