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Thursday, 23 May 2024
Bongo's latest web film

Bongo's latest web film "Osomoy" shatters records

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Bongo, the premiere OTT platform in Bangladesh, continues to dazzle audiences globally with one success after another, with the latest “Osomoy” directed by Kajal Arefin Ome.

Recently, Ome's debut web film, 'Osomoy,' has garnered an impressive audience of over 300,000 paid unique viewers from over 100+ countries, 33 percent higher than Hotel Relax.

The film has achieved more than 35 million paid watch time minutes in 8.5 days surpassing the previous record of 30 million minutes of Hotel Relax, a web series also directed by Kajal Arefin Ome, said a press release.

"Osomoy" presents a compelling narrative, delving into the life of Urbi, a young girl from a lower-middle-class family navigating university life. Director Kajal Arefin Ome, known for his diverse portfolio, departs from his usual works to offer a poignant portrayal of contemporary society. The film resonates with audiences, combining a serious storyline with Ome's signature humor.

Expressing his thoughts on the record-breaking success, Director Kajal Arefin Ome stated, "We had high expectations for the content, and the immediate positive response exceeded our predictions. The audience's love for 'Osomoy' has been overwhelming. Their support encourages me to strive for excellence in future projects."

Tasnia Farin, a talented actress of the time, delivers a stellar performance as Urbi, supported by Tariq Anam Khan and Monira Mithu, who portray Urbi's parents with emotional depth. The on-screen chemistry between Saraf Ahmed Zibon and Iresh Zaker, playing a journalist and police officer, adds a delightful touch, inducing laughter. Runa Khan's portrayal of a lawyer and her compelling scenes with Intekhab Dinar has garnered attention.

The ensemble cast, including Shahed Ali, Shaswata Datta, Shimul Sharma, Lamima Lam, Israt Zaheen Ahmed, Scuman Patwary, and Ziaul Haque Polash, contributes to the film's success with their outstanding performances.

Netizens hail "Osomoy" as Kajal Arefin Ome's masterpiece, praising its superb cinematography, excellent dialogues, outstanding color grading, and captivating ambient music.

Mushfiqur Rahman Manzu, the producer of "Osomoy" and Chief Content Officer of Bongo, expressed delight, saying, "We are thrilled with the overwhelming response to 'Osomoy,' surpassing the success of 'Hotel Relax.' We extend our gratitude to the audience for their continued support."

This time Bongo saw a huge growth of users watching from Apple, Samsung, Redmi, Realme, and OPPO device brands including tremendous growth from Chittagong, Comilla, Khulna, Sylhet and Rajshahi.

“We launched Pre-booking this time which was a huge success, we had over 10,000 paid users book early and win a chance to watch on the opening day of the Premiere with the Ome and the exciting cast! We also enabled gifting where thousands of fans showed their appreciation for the film. We are constantly working on new ways to be ahead of the curve with our technology and tools," said COO & Co-Founder of Bongo, Fayaz Taher.

“Last year we beta-tested a lot with new advertising tools such as clickable Digital screen ads including L-shaped, we plan to do a full roll in Q1 this year to enable new ways for advertisers to also connect with content in meaningful ways.”

Bongo continues redefining OTT entertainment standards, promising more groundbreaking content in the future. Audiences can expect a thrilling cinematic experience as they remain dedicated to delivering compelling narratives that resonate with viewers.


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