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Sunday, 16 June 2024
Body of businessman recovered from Chagalnai, two women suspects arrested

Body of businessman recovered from Chagalnai, two women suspects arrested

Feni Correspondent

Police recovered the body of businessman Karim Ulyah alias Kalamiya from Banspara area of Chagalnaya municipality. His body was recovered from the tree garden on the north side of Jamaddar Bazar around 7 am on Wednesday.

Police believe that Karim Ullah was killed by strangulation. Two women have been detained for questioning in this incident. The deceased is a resident of Banshpara of Ward No. 6 of Karim Ulyah Municipality. He is the son of Haji Raja Mia.

Nesha Minu, the wife of the deceased's son, said that her father-in-law has a confectionery shop in Jamaddar Bazaar. When he did not return home on Tuesday night, he called the father-in-law's number several times around 11 pm. Her husband sent Anwar Hossain to the shop as he did not pick up the phone. Kalamiya was not in the shop when the shop was open. After waiting for a long time, Anwar closed the shop and returned home as there were no people around.

Sahena Akhtar, the eldest daughter of the deceased, said that she received information from a person in the morning that her father's body was lying in the garden next to their house. He believes that his father was called from the shop and killed. However, he claimed that no one had any dispute with his father. He demanded the arrest and trial of those involved in the murder.

Chagalnaya police station OC Hasan Imam said that he went to the spot along with the ASP Circle after getting the information at around 6 am. He went there and saw Kalamia's dead body lying in the garden. There are no injury marks on the body. He believes that Kalamia was strangled to death by squeezing his testicles. The police detained two women who were staying in the house next to the incident site for questioning. The preparation of the case is going on.

Assistant Superintendent of Police of Chhagalnaya Circle Md. Wali Ullah said that the incident is being investigated. It seems that there may be a murder.

Identification of those involved in the incident is underway. The police are interrogating the 2 women who were arrested to solve the mystery.

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