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Sunday, 14 July 2024
BNP-Pakistanis held rally together in front of UN

BNP-Pakistanis held rally together in front of UN

USA Bureau

Bangladesh Nationlist Party (BNP) of USA and Pakistanis were seen rallying together in front of the United Nations on Friday (September 22).

It can be seen in multiple pictures and videos, Pakistanis are rallying next to where BNP is rallying against the Awami League government and Pakistanis are rallying where BNP is. At the rally, the flags of Bangladesh and Pakistan became one, which many viewed with disgust and anger.

Several leaders of the United States Awami League have said that it was their plan to gather together, otherwise why were they together everywhere?

Meanwhile, several leaders of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) said the matter was a coincidence. No one from BNP had any contact with Pakistanis here.

However, many pro- liberation expatriates are unwilling to accept the matter. According to them, the BNP had a similar soul with the Pakistanis, so they were together.

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