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Sunday, 14 July 2024
Bid to rape schoolgirl, accused teacher arrested

Bid to rape schoolgirl, accused teacher arrested

Brahmanbaria Correspondent

Allegation has been surfaced against a teacher of a bid to rape a Class VII girl student at Nabinagar in Brahmanbaria.

In coinnection with the incident, the student's mother filed a case against teacher Md Mahbub Rahman, 45, with Nabinagar Police Station on Thursday (June 13).

Accused Mahbub is a mathematics teacher of Rasulabad Ulfat Ali Khan High School and an inhabitant of village Rasulabad.

It is learnt that Mahbub teaches students at a room at one Chunnu Mia's house adjacent to the school.

At about 8:30am on June 10, the student, 12, went to her private tutor Mahbub as usual. As it was raining on that day, there was no student except a classmate of her at the room. Teacher Mahbub sent the student to bring water tactfully. At that time, he allegedly tried to harass her sexually touching the sensitive places of her body.

Being freed after a lot of attempt, then the girl went to her school. As the headmaster of the school was on leave, she told the class teacher Mamun about the incident and left for home. Following the incident, the accused teacher fled away.

Nabinagar Police Station's officer-in-charge Sajal Kanti Das said police arrested accused Md Mahbub Rahman in the afternoon for his alleged rape attempt on the basis of the complaint against her.

Legal steps would be taken on the basis of the investigation

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