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Monday, 05 June 2023
Beacon of consciousness great Independence Day : Its significance in our national life

Beacon of consciousness great Independence Day : Its significance in our national life

Dr. Muhammad Mahtab Hossain Mazed

A unique day in the life of the Bengali nation today is Sunday 26th March, Great Independence and National Day 2023. This freedom has been gained in exchange of the blood of lakhs of martyrs, on this day the nation remembers the brave martyrs Independence Day is therefore the history of being inspired by the promise of liberation to the people of Bangladesh.

Independence Day is the 52nd anniversary of ending the exploitation and deprivation of Pakistan and placing it on the world mapEvery year, the entire nation celebrates the day with the spirit of liberation war in its heart. Remembering with humble respect and deep gratitude the brave sons of the country who sacrificed themselves for freedom. Tributes to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the undisputed leader of Bengali freedom, the father of the nation, the national leader who organized the liberation war, millions of ordinary people who were victims of brutal genocide and the mothers and sisters who lost their dignity.

Almost everyone knows that March 26 is Independence Day. But what is the reason for Independence Day or the history behind it? Many of us do not know exactly what Independence Day is. But millions of martyrs gave their lives to snatch away this golden sun of freedom.

> When is the Independence Day of Bangladesh? March 26 is the Independence Day of Bangladesh. Bangabandhu declared independence on March 26, 1971. Commemorating this significant day of 1971, the day is observed every year with deep respect and solemnity.

> History of Independence Day In 1947, two states named India and Pakistan were born on the basis of religion. But from the beginning there was an air of enmity between West Pakistan situated in the west of India and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in the east. In particular, the relatively powerful West Pakistan began to discriminate against East Pakistan in employment and various other fields, including language - resulting in an inevitable conflict in March 1971On March 25, 1971, the then West Pakistan government attacked the innocent people of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) late at night and arrested Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the architect of independent Bangladesh. However, Bangabandhu signed the declaration of independence of Bangladesh in the early hours of March 26 shortly before his arrest.

> The declaration of the father of the nation is as follows: This may be my last message, Bangladesh is independent from today. I call upon the people of Bangladesh, wherever you are, to continue resisting the occupying army with all your might. May your fight continue till you oust the last Pakistani soldier from the soil of Bangladesh and achieve final victory.
On March 26, Sheikh Mujib's Declaration of Independence was miked and broadcast at Chittagong Radio Center. Later on March 27, Major Ziaur Rahman declared independence again on behalf of Bangabandhu from Chittagong's Kalurghat Betar Kendra.

> Historical Background of Independence Day:-

In 1947, two states, India and Pakistan, were created on the basis of binationalism; But at that time this territory was called East Pakistan. It was the hope of the people of this region to get freedom from the British rule for a long time, but even though the state of Pakistan was born, the people of this region were not liberated. The people of East Pakistan were fed up with the tyranny and torture of their own state. Realize the true face of Pakistanis. The dream of freedom gradually grows in people's minds. Finally, on March 7, 1971, the great hero of independence, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman asked the Bengali nation to prepare for the freedom struggle at the Race Course Maidan. On the night of March 25, 1971, the Pakistani invasion forces carried out indiscriminate killings in various parts of the country including Dhaka. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was arrested by the invading forces after midnight. Even before the arrest, ie on the 26th.

In the first hours of March, he declared the independence of Bangladesh. After that, the declaration of independence was broadcast in the name of Bangabandhu on March 26 and 27 from Swadhin Bangla Betar Center in Chittagong. THE STRUGGLE FOR INDEPENDENCE The struggle for independence did not happen overnight; For many days, this struggle has gradually become a glorious form. The language movement of 1952 was the first phase of the freedom struggle. According to historians, the seeds of independence lay in the language movement. After that, the dream of independence was embedded in the 1954 United Front elections, 1962 education movement, 1966 formulation of Bangabandhu's 6 points and the subsequent movement, 1969 mass uprising etc. People of this country voted for Awami League in 1970 elections. But they could not hold the power due to the plot of the rulers. That trend and later the worst massacre in history gave the Bengali independence movement its extreme shape.

> Significance of Independence Day:- The importance and significance of Independence Day in national life is immense. This day brings in the life of every Bangladeshi a sour-sweet feeling of joy-pain-glory at the same time. On the one hand the pain of loss is on the other hand the joy of liberation. But in the end, the immense joy of getting freedom beyond everything becomes bigger for every Bengali. This glorious day comes every year with a message of self-sacrifice, self-identity and unity. It also reminds us of our responsibilities. This day brings inspiration and direction to move forward with new zeal. We should turn this day into strength and move forward towards a new day.
> Dream of freedom:-

The goal of independence was to introduce an exploitation-free secular socialist economic system state. The dream of freedom changed the fate of people and made everyone self-reliant in a democratic state. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman started building the country with that goal in mind. But on August 15, 1975, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the greatest Bengali father of the nation, was killed along with his family by some misguided members of the military. After Bangabandhu's family was brutally killed in 1975, various dictatorial governments came to power. In 1990, after the fall of the dictatorship, the country began to move towards democracy again. Hopefully, through the sincere efforts of the current government, Bangladesh has been promoted to a developing country today.

> War of Independence:-
The people of this country have set an example of supreme self-sacrifice to achieve freedom. In the 9 months of the liberation war, 300,000 people of this country died, were tortured - hundreds of thousands of mothers and daughters lost their dignity. Albadar, Alshams and members of the Peace Committee acted as dosars for the Pakistanis. When people from all levels of this country participated in the liberation war, many people lost their dignity, lost their lives, and lost their lives due to the actions of these local rulers. Many freedom fighters have been killed by this Razakar army and handed over to Pakistanis. The Provisional Government of the time (Provisional Government was formed on April 10, 1971 in Mujibnagar, Meherpur) made a military plan to destroy these enemies within the country and achieve independence. The colonel was appointed as the commander-in-chief of the Liberation Army
MAG Osmani.

The country became independent after 9 months of bloody war under his leadership and with the help and cooperation of the allied forces of India.

Finally, people are born with the right to freedom. But at present, subjugation in the country and the world seems to be slowly consuming everyone. This process can be observed latently in our society as well. But let's not forget that our freedom was bought with a lot of blood; This holy blood of martyrs is the responsibility of all of us as a nation. That responsibility can only be met by making freedom available to all. With this conviction, we have to move forward on the path of the future. Freedom requires more struggle and strength. And to sustain freedom requires technology, strategy, unity and sense of justice. Apart from this, it is absolutely essential to use knowledge, intelligence, education and good judgment to protect freedom. Basically, freedom cannot be protected if there is not enough awareness and organization.

To protect freedom, freedom has to be respected and always vigilant. So we should consider it our national duty to understand the meaning of freedom and protect it. And responding to the call of Bangabandhu, the brave Bengali jumped into the armed struggle with the last drop of blood to repel the enemy forces. In exchange for an ocean of blood, the greatest achievement of a thousand years has been snatched away - great freedomLet this fundamental spirit of preservation of freedom-sovereignty inspire everyone - this is the hope on this great Independence Day.

Author, columnist and researcher Founder Chairman, Jatiya Rogi Kallyan Society.

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