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Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Bangladesh has never seen so many beggars as it sees now: Rizvi

Bangladesh has never seen so many beggars as it sees now: Rizvi

Staff Correspondent

BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi on Tuesday alleged that Bangladesh has now turned into a nation of beggars.

Bangladesh had turned into a nation of beggars from 1972 to 1975. "Sheikh Hasina is now taking the country toward that direction."

"If you look around you, you will hear the beggars seek alms constantly. Bangladesh has never seen so many beggars on the street even several years ago. But, we can now hear the cry of beggars constatnly. If someone opens a gruel kitchen, perhaps many beggars will rush toward it."

Rizvi was speaking while distributing Eid clothes among the poor on behalf of BNP acting Chairman Tarique Rahman during an event organised by Zia Projanmo Dal (ZPD) at the party's Nayapalton central office in Dhaka on Tuesday.

According to the BNP leader, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's government has pushed the country to cultural, political and economic subjugation of a neighouring country.

"They are trying to repress whatever is our own and derives from our soil," he said.

Rizvi said the entire world has not given recognition to Sheikh Hasina's illegal election -- whether it may be the election of 2014, 2018 or 2024. "But, our neighbouring country which thinks itself a democratic country has been supporting Awami League in Bangladesh and is trying to justify the election."

"They claim they are a democratic country. But they don't recognise Bangladesh's sovereignty, independence and democratic process, nor do they respect Bangladesh's people. They stand only beside one political party helping it retain power permanently. They certified them, and lobbied worldwide for them (AL)," Rizvi said.

The BNP leader alleged that the prime minister is doing this to fulfill her master's will.

"We could not realise it primarily. But if we think deeply, we understand how they are intervening into the cultural and religious beliefs of the country's majority people".

In this regard Rizvi defended his call to boycott Indian goods.

"Why shall we buy their share or toothpaste as they are not respecting our people and our values," he said adding, "They kill our people along the border on regular basis."

"There are treaties and protocol on border killing, but BSF doesn't bother it. They are frequently killing our people in the border," he alleged.

He also questioned why would people use their products since they don't respect their will and ignore the other political parties for the sake of one party.

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