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Thursday, 22 February 2024
Bangabandhu Foundation USA exchanges view : Call to foil conspiracies against Bangladesh

Bangabandhu Foundation USA exchanges view : Call to foil conspiracies against Bangladesh

USA Bureau

Bangabandhu Foundation, USA organised a view exchange meeting at the Moon Light Grill Restaurant in Jackson Heights, New York on Monday evening.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr AK Abdul Momen MP was present as Chief Guest.

The meeting was moderated by President of Sector Commander Forum Muktijudda 71 President Lovlu Ansar.

New York Metropolitan Awami League Vice President and General Secretary of Bangabandhu Foundation, USA Abdul Quader Miah presided over the meeting.

The special guest were the central Executive President of Bangabandhu Foundation Advocate Dr. Mashiur Malek, Nurul Amin Shaheen, Farhana Ilyas, Aminul Islam, Abdul Hannan.

Executive President of Bangabandhu Foundation Moshiur Malek said that a conspiracy has started against the country, but this conspiracy is not new, there was a conspiracy at the birth of this country, the old ghosts are active again. They must be stopped. So he urged everyone to be proactive against rumours.

Foreign Minister AKA Momen said that Bangladesh's relations with the United States are very friendly. Some people are against the development of the country and they are spreading rumors.

He also said that the United States is our important trading partner and he said that the United States is involved with us in trade and investment. They want to speed up our relationship.

The Minister said, the Prime Minister has taken Bangladesh to a unique height and has made Bangladesh a role model for development by electrifying electricity to 100%.

New York Awami League Vice President Abdul Quader Mia said, Sheikh Hasina has taken Bangladesh to a unique height.

Seeing this success of the government, Jamaat-BNP is running propaganda against the government which is highly condemnable. It is our duty to elect Sheikh Hasina again as the Prime Minister by voting on boat marks in the next election. So I request you all to cooperate fully and work in the upcoming elections.

Journalist Lovlu Ansar , Shahidullah Osman, poet and writer Fakir Ilyas, former student leader Zainul Abedin Joy, Bangabandhu Foundation Vice President Advocate Abdul Khaleq Mia spoke.

The meeting was attended by Bangladesh Daily Journalist Lablu Ansar, Consulate Mohammad Nasir, Mahfuzur Rahman Dulal, Mohammad Murad, Zafar were present.

It may be noted that Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is now in the United States to attend the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly. On September 22, she gave speech in Bengali at the UN.

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