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Monday, 03 October 2022
Bahanno News gaining popularity

Bahanno News gaining popularity

Kulaura ( Moulvibazar) Correspondent

New online media are working along with the domestic media to uphold the fundamental right of expression in our democratic society. Bahanno News (www.bahannonews.com), which started its journey a few months ago with the slogan 'For Truth and Progress', has already created a popular and acceptable position among the online media of the country.

Within a very short time, it has become a popular online news medium of the current generation especially to the youth. This institution has already gained huge acceptance in readers society. More than two lakh readers have joined the company's online Facebook page within a few months of the journey. The company has achieved Google AdSense within a very short period of time due to the high number of visitors to the web portal almost every day.

The portal provides continuous news on all spheres of national and international importance providing informative up-to-date news on Politics, Economy, Education, Sports, Entertainment, Art and Literature, Science and Technology, Healthcare, Lifestyle. In view of the needs of the educated youth society, the organization is regularly publishing national and international job news.

While visiting the website, the 'Job News' section grabs everyone's attention. "Bahanno News gives priority to everyone's well-thought opinion. I like this attitude. A few days ago I shared an article on my Facebook with advice on the Seven College Admission procedures. Later, when I mailed the article to their official mail, they promoted my article. Many students got in the right direction.

They thanked me and it inspires me much", Sabiha Afroz, a student of the psychology department of Eden Women's College, expressed her enthusiasm like this when she was asked about Bahanno News. SI Islam, a regular reader of Bahanno News, Lecturer of English Department of Dhaka Residential Model College, said, "I often look for various information related to education in online. Bahanno News updates the news related to education very quickly.

From then, I regularly follow their portal with a view to reading news of other sections including the education department." The portal's 'Opinion' section for discussing various contemporary domestic and international issues has already gained immense popularity among the civil and conscious society of the country. Mr. Abdus Samad, Pro Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University, who writes regular columns on the portal, said,"Bahanno News has gained a lot of acceptance in a very short period of time. Their efforts in publishing accurate and objective news is commendable. I wish their success."

The institution is also proving its ability to highlight various irregularities and corruption in the country. Bahanno News was the first to highlight the news of the mysterious death of zebras one after another at the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, which is the center of attraction of the country. They published informative investigative news with evidence of 'death' of 9 zebras. The investigation revealed evidence of zebra and tiger deaths due to poisoning. Bahanno News was the first to publish the investigative report of corruption and irregularities among others, including Professor Ahsanullah, who is on the government's priority list.

In their investigation, the appointment led by the vice-chancellor in the institution, irregularities in various activities including the recognition of new institutions, and the loss of money came out.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has already started an investigation to look into all the irregularities and corruption on the instructions of the Ministry of Education. Bivash Barai, Publisher & Editor, talked over the current and future plan of Bahanno News, "We are trying to present Bahanno News as a news portal for all. In this age of information and technology, our main goal is to provide correct and accurate news. The future of a country largely depends on its youth power.

We are doing our work keeping the needs of youth in mind." "Already, our young conscious news representatives are working in public universities, national universities and private universities of the country.

Our correspondents at district level are very smart and experienced. We ask for your cooperation in building a beautiful Bangladesh by encouraging the country and the nation in favor of truth and progress", he added.

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