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Sunday, 16 June 2024
Arms dealer arrested with shooter guns, drugs in Charghat

Arms dealer arrested with shooter guns, drugs in Charghat

Md.Ismail Haque, Charghat (Rajshahi)

RAB-5 arrested an arms dealer along with 2 one-shooter guns, Phensidyl in Charghat upazila of Rajshahi. An operation conducted in Raotha Ghoshpara under charghat upazila on Thursday night on May 2. At that time, RAB arrested the accused Rafiqul Islam (42) with arms and drugs. The arrested person is son of deceased Mujibur Raman.

According to RAB-5 press release that, accused is an identified as drug and arms dealer in the area. He is a rickshaw driver by profession. Along with transporting passengers in rickshaws, he had been selling illegal firearms, illegal narcotics phnsidyl, yaba and other illegal drugs across the river from unknown places along the border to various drug and arms dealers in Rajshahi. Moreover, the arrested accused himself used to consume heroin and yaba for a long time.

RAB intelligence team monitors the movement of the arrested accused. On the basis of which RAB conducted the raid on Thursday night. At one stage, the body of accused was searched and 02 one-shooter guns were recovered. RAB-5 confirmed that a case has been filed at Charghat police station in this incident.

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