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Sunday, 02 April 2023
Actress Munmun in Bogura town at late night to seek votes for Hero Alam

Actress Munmun in Bogura town at late night to seek votes for Hero Alam

Bogura Correspondent

Bogura-4 (Kahalu-Nandigram) and Bogra-6 (Sadar) constituencies' discussed independent candidate Md Ashraful Hossain alias Hero Alam has created another sensation as Actress Munmun went in Bogura to seek voted for Hero Alam's 'Ekstara' symbol.

Munmun was seen campaigning with Hero Alam in Satmatha area of the city on Friday night.

Meanwhile, since Saturday morning, Hero Alam campaigned with his supporters in different areas of Kahalu and Nandigram upazilas of Bogra-4 constituency. Hero Alam stands in the truck with one hand and asks for votes. The election song was playing on the microphone on the truck. At this time, people of various classes and professions flocked to take selfies and pictures with him.

Actress Munmun said to mediapersons about joining the election campaign, "I came to North Bengal. Hero Alam is Sneha's younger brother. He said, "Apu, I am contesting the election, come and pray." I could not stop talking to him. I have come to ask for votes for him despite being busy.

Actress Munmun campaigned at Satmatha in the city from 2 pm to 2:30 am. Urging them to vote for the Ektara symbol, Munmun said to the voters present, "Hero Alam is a man who comes from a marginalized family." King of root level. He understands well the suffering of marginalized people. He wants to work for people. If he is elected, the fortunes of marginalized people will improve.

Addressing the voters, Munmun said, 'Hero Alam has come this far after a lot of struggle. Request to the voters, respect Hero Alam's courage and elect him as MP for once.'

Hero Alam said, to surprise the voters, actress Jasmine will enter the field tonight in Bogra-6 seat, i.e. in Bogra city, asking for votes for Ektara Marka. Apart from this, actresses Nasreen, Kabila and many other filmmakers are coming to Ektar's campaign.

Bogura-4 and Bogra-6 constituencies are scheduled to vote on February 1. Hero Alam filed nomination papers as an independent candidate in both the constituencies. But his nomination was canceled first by the Returning Officer and then by the Election Commission due to a discrepancy in the list of supporting signatures of 1 percent voters. Then he got his candidature back by filing a writ in the high court.

Hero Alam told this correspondent that there will be more surprises in the campaign, "There will be more surprises at the end of the campaign.

Together with the film stars, leaflets with Ektara symbol will be delivered to voters in the electoral areas. Voters will see new surprises in the election campaign.

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