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Sunday, 21 April 2024
Abdul Kader Miah nominated Adviser of Chattogram North District AL

Abdul Kader Miah nominated Adviser of Chattogram North District AL

Staff reporter

Acting President of Bangladesh Awami League, New York City, General Secretary of United States Bangabandhu Foundation and founder, Chairman of AKM Foundation, Sandwip and popular face of Sandwip Abdur Kader Miah has recently been nominated Adviser of Bangladesh Awami League Chittagong North District Executive Committee.

This was informed in a letter signed by Chittagong North District Awami League President Md. Abdus Salam and General Secretary Sheikh Md. Ataur Rahman on lThursday (October 27) last.

In a reaction after being nominated as an adviser, the new adviser of North District Awami League, Abdul Quader Mia, said that the birth of Bangladesh is the product of a long struggle. As Bengalis, we are standing tall in front of the world today.

I have been involved in the banner of Bangabandhu's ideology since my teenage years. During my youth, I fought in the fields against dictatorship and communalism. I have tried to play a role in any activities of the pro-liberation forces. I have never been misled by the greed of party titles. I have remained a friend of Trinamool. As a result of which I received this award today.

He nominated him as an advisor to Bangladesh Awami League President and Hon'ble Prime Minister, People's Leader Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh Awami League Presidium Member, Former Minister, Hero Freedom Fighter, Engineer Mosharraf Hossain, Former President of Chittagong North District Awami League and newly elected Chairman of Chittagong District Council MA Salam, Bangladesh Former vice-president of BCL Central Committee Ataur Rahman expressed his gratitude to all the leaders and workers including Ata.

In response, he further said that country ratna Sheikh Hasina has established Bangladesh in the seat of honor today. He transformed Bangladesh into a middle income country through tireless work day and night.

The murderers of August 15, 1975 have also been brought to justice and have removed the shame of the nation. The killers of seventy-one have been brought to justice and have been given appropriate punishment.

Padma bridge built with own funding! By his hand we are going to enter electricity generation through proper use of nuclear energy. Payra is going to become a sea port of international standard. Milestones are being destroyed one after another on the highway of development under the opportune leadership of Bangabandhu's daughter. Above all, Abdul Quader Mia wished Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina long life.

Meanwhile, expatriates from Sandwip will celebrate the ovcssdion by holding a 'joy gathering' in New York on Friday evening, November 11, to congratulate him on his appointment.

The organizers said that the leaders of the United States Awami League, New York Metropolitan Awami League, and the leaders of the United States Sector Commanders Forum will also joined there .

Abdul Kader Miah nominated Adviser of Chattogram North District AL

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