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Friday, 14 June 2024
27 begs of cash collected from Pagla Mosque 's 9 charity boxes

27 begs of cash collected from Pagla Mosque 's 9 charity boxes

Kishoreganj Correspondent

At least 27 begs of money, jewellery were collected. from nine donation boxes of historic Pagla mosque in Kishoreganj town on Saturday morning. Sometimes after three months, sometimes after four months, the donation box of traditional Pagla mosque is opened. This time after 131 days, 9 donation boxes of Pagla mosque were opened.

The boxes were opened in the presence of Deputy Commissioner (DC) in Kishoreganj, Md. Abul Kalam Azad, also president of Pagla Mosque managing committee, Superintendent of Police (SP) Mohammad Russel Sheikh BPM (Sheba), PPM ( Bar), ADM Kazi Mohua Momtaj and SP (DSB) Noor -E -Alam at around 7:30 am on Saturday.

It has been seen on the ground that the money from the donation box is first filled in sacks. Then the sacks were taken to the second floor of the mosque to count the money. After pouring the money from the sack onto the floor, the work of counting began.

Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Kishoreganj, Md.Abul kalam Azad told the New Nation that, at least 27 sacks of Tk were found from the donation boxes. Earlier, the donation boxes were opened on December 9, 2023. Then in 3 months and 18 days, 23 sacks of taka were deposited in those donation boxes. The amount was tk. 6 crore 32 lakh 51 thousand 423 which surpassed all previous records. Apart from this, foreign currency, gold and silver were also deposited.

ADM Kazi Mohua said, currently the counting of money is going on. 150 students of Pagla Masjid Madrasah and 73 officers and employees of Rupali Bank limited are working in total 175 people in counting money. 30 officials and employees of the mosque-madrasa are assisting them.

Pagla Mosque managing committee member senior journalist Saiful Haque Mollah Dulu said, although there are eight donation boxes in the traditional Pagla mosque, one more donation box has been added since August last year due to the increase in donations. Now the number of donation box in Pagla mosque is 9. The donation money is deposited in the bank. Apart from this, gold ornaments are sold at auction under the management of the district administration.

DC Md. Abul Kalam Azad also said that,, A mega projects has been under taken for the constration of Pagla Mosque abd Islamic complex, which will accommodate around 50000 Muslims to perform prayer simultaneously.
The initial estimated cost for this payments is tk.105 crore.,DC Abul Kalam Azad added.

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