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Friday, 14 June 2024
14 villages flooded, thousands of people waterlogged in Hatiya

14 villages flooded, thousands of people waterlogged in Hatiya

Noakhali Correspondent

Due to the impact of Cyclone Remal, 14 villages including nine villages of Nijhum Dwip Union of Hatiar Island of Noakhali have been inundated by tidal water. It has flooded the main roads and markets of 9 wards of Nijhum Dwip Union.

These villages were inundated by the tide that started from noon on Sunday. Due to the effect of tide, the river water in Hatia has risen by 4-5 feet above normal. It is believed that about 40 thousand people have been trapped in water.

The villages that were flooded are Molla Village, Munsi Village, Adarsh Village, Bandakhali Village, Dubaier Khal Village, Islampur Village, Anandguchch Village, Batayan Village, Bashundhara Village and Dhansindi Village, Purbachal Village, Char Ghasia, Bayarchar Village of Harani Union. Tufania Village of Nalchira Union, West Tamarddi Village of Tamarddi Union.

Zillur Rahman, a local resident, said that six unions of the entire upazila have been flooded by the unusual tidal water that started from 10 am. As a result, the communication system has broken down here. Water has entered the houses.

Feroz Alam, a local resident, said that about 40,000 people live on Nijhum Island. The Union has no embankment even close to the sea. As a result, water enters this union from all sides at the time of tide.

Chairman of Nijhum Dwip Union Nurul Afchar Md. Dinaz Uddin said that 9 villages of Nijhum Dwip Union were flooded after continuous rain and tidal water entered from Sunday afternoon. Around 25,000 to 30,000 people have become housebound. Cattle feed and fish cages were washed away. Various crops including vegetables have been submerged. Nijhumdwip Union was almost flooded due to lack of embankment.

Hatiya UNO Subhashish Chakma said, six unions of Hatia have been flooded by tidal water. C-Truck, trawler movement has been stopped on various sea routes of Hatia. In the interests of the safety and security of passengers, all movement of vehicles will be stopped until further notice. 242 shelters have been prepared in Hatia. Upazila Prosecution is keeping an inquiry on the whole matter.

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