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Friday, 24 March 2023
14 Top tax payers get crests in Sylhet

14 Top tax payers get crests in Sylhet

Sylhet Bureau

The tax region Sylhet has distributed honorary crests and certificates to 14 best taxpayers from Sylhet district and City Corporation. on the occasion of prizes and honors in the initiative of the Sylhet Tax Region organized a simple ceremony in the suburban Mendibhag area of Sylhet City Corporation on Thursday (November 24). A total of 14 people were given honorary awards in different categories.

Three highest income tax payers, two long-term tax payers, the highest income tax payer (female) and the youngest highest income tax payer were honored. Tax Region Sylhet’s Commissioner Russell Chakma presided over the awarding ceremony for the highest and longest serving taxpayers of the district based tax zone.

Customs Excise and VAT Commissionerate Sylhet Region Commissioner Ahsanul Haque attended the programme as a chief guest. ATM Shoaib, President of SCCI and M Shafiqur Rahman, President of Sylhet District Tax Bar Association addressed the function as special guests. Shariful Islam, Joint Commissioner of Taxes, Sylhet Region, delivered the welcome address at the beginning of the program.

Apart from Abul Kalam, the highest tax payer in Sylhet district of 2020-21 tax year, Mohammad Abu Taher of Fenchuganj was the second highest tax payer and Md. Rafiqul Islam was honored. At the same time, Fahmida Sadiq of Khadim Nagar Shahparan area as the highest female taxpayer in Sylhet district and businessman of Shimul Enterprise of Zakiganj as young taxpayer. Khairul Hasan was also given the award.

On the other hand, AKM Ataul Karim, a resident of Fazil Chishat area, who has the first place as the highest taxpayer in Sylhet City Corporation area, and Md. Atiq Hossain Amjad's businessman Md. Atiq Hossain, third place winner Farid Box, a resident of Sapna Neer 72 Valence Shahi Eidgah area was honored. Saleha Begum of Kumarpara area as the highest female taxpayer in Sisik area and businessman of City Heart Shopping Center as young taxpayer. Enamul Haque was also honored. Similarly, in the long-term category, honors were given to two in Sylhet City Corporation area and two more in Sylhet district.

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