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Sunday, 16 June 2024
'This victory belongs to oppressed people of Alikadam upazila who have been neglected for last 15 years'

'This victory belongs to oppressed people of Alikadam upazila who have been neglected for last 15 years'

TI Mahamud, Alikadam (Bandarban)

Luxury has done. So we wish for socio-economic and upazila development and want change this time. We realized our mistake late.

Many leaders who are blind followers and shadow companions of Chairman Abul Kalam have addressed various meetings of rival Jamal Uddin. Over tea, they highlight how Jamal Uddin (when he was UP chairman) benefited the common people.

Alikadam Upazila Parishad service has brought changes in the 1st phase election of the 6th Upazila Parishad in the last 15 years and underprivileged people.

This change has come because the chairman Abul Kalam, who was elected in the last upazila parishad for 3 consecutive years, failed to provide the desired service to the upazila residents.

It is known based on the opinion of the citizens of different areas of the upazila that Chairman Abul Kalam has been ruling Ram for so long by fooling the common people. He has no significant achievements in the last 15 years except traveling around the country and flying drones with his so-called army undermining the educated people of the society.

No development has been achieved by the upazila parishad for the public and in any area of the upazila.

A former well-wisher of Chairman Abul Kalam said, we have followed him like a pir for so long, we did not understand that he is cheating us, he is always for himself and his family.

He embezzled crores of government money by creating numerous fake vouchers. According to the work budget of various projects, the physically ill ex-UP sold the works anonymously with a certain amount, it is said that there was no monitoring whether the works were completed properly. Billions of government money has been wasted.

The arrest of the cattle traders of Alikadam Upazila, who were abducted by the Arakan Army of Myanmar and released in exchange for money, is a dramatic incident.

Chairman Abul Kalam has arranged this play to make himself a hero to the people. He rescued them on his own initiative without giving any chance to the administration.

And it is clear that Chairman Abul Kalam has a good relationship with the kidnappers.

Civil society persons said that Chairman Abul Kalam has spoken sarcastically and contemptuously of the rival candidate Jamal Uddin in his speech in various public meetings, which is common to the general public.

Sometimes it causes adverse reactions. doing On the other hand, Awami League supported candidate Jamal Uddin due to direct and indirect opposition of party leaders and activists in the past. Even though he lost, this time he won with a huge margin of votes due to the spontaneous participation of the general public and party leaders.

Jealous of his popularity, a group of people are trolling him on social media. ID was opened and indulged in various propaganda. Former UP Chairman and Upazila Awami League President Jamal Uddin made a general diary (GD) in this regard in Alikadam Khana.

Chairman Jamal Uddin said, I was chairman of Alikadam Sadar UP twice, during that time I never committed corruption, no one had to accept harassment. Extent of Union Parishad. Limited, so I work to improve the quality of life of Alikadam upazila. want to do I want to implement the overall development of the area by using the power properly, not to harm the common people by abusing the power, which I said in my election manifesto.

This victory is not mine, this victory belongs to the oppressed people of Alikadam upazila who have been neglected for the past 15 years.

This time I will take all the people of Alikadam Upazila and work for their development, Inshallah.

I express my gratitude to the people of Alikadam Upazila, the leaders of all political parties including the leaders of the Awami League family.

If any representative of this portal is involved in any crime punishable by law or commits any incident, the said liability shall be considered as his personal responsibility. In that case the portal authority will not take any responsibility and will not assist.

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